Proving “Free Market” ideology FALSE

“Evidence of predictable cycles: GME explained” [link]

The article linked above is a long read in reddit’s r/Superstonk, but very important if you’re interested in understanding the patterns in this algorithmic battlefield laid out against retail investors.

In layman terms, the price movement is misleading and wrong. There is no true “price discovery” in our American stock market, and the financial market news with expert advice — if you’re looking at any main stream USA media — is propaganda. Some truths are there, but the overall mission of conglomerate news media is to lead you to a destination of their choosing.

Come to your own decisions.

I’m no expert; only a highly curious individual who, at 12 years old, pointed out discrepancies between church actions and the Bible despite and because my grandfather was a pastor at one church, my uncle a musical evangelist, and my mom a church choir assistant director (unpaid).

Follow your own intuition, and trust that everything is always working out, even when it seems like it’s not.

Big love & peace, y’all ❤

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