Request: This is a new way to share and analyze collective knowledge to make education more accessible. Please help our community by adding any corrections/clarifications or questions in the comments. This will help everyone — including me!


lol. Seriously, though. Only do that if you’re mocking tourism in Hawaii, please. 😉

Hello there!

I am a polymath, educator, and mutual aid fanatic trained to see the world though an intersectional, socio-cultural lens. I’m relatively new to the stock market game — opened my first brokerage account in the Spring of 2021 — and am hooked. I might have hooked my family members, too, so I decided to write what I’m sensing/seeing/understanding to add to the discussion and hopefully help others make sense of it all.

I am not a financial advisor. I’m learning, and sharing my perspective through storytelling to help broaden our collective knowledge. I am currently enrolled in Dominique Broadway’s Wealth Transfer Course, Cohort 9. Ms. Broadway is passionate about making investing and finance accessible for everyone, so I highly recommend you check her out!

All opinions are my own, so please do your own research. Also, beware: I see the stock market as a black jack table in the biggest casino of all. Hella confusing, but a lot of fun once you know how to play. Money does grows on trees, kids! The trick is knowing how to pick, cultivate and harvest the right ones.

Let’s learn together!

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